Experimental Peddlings?

At Thrawsunblat we find it odd that a song often only gets a single medium in which to reside. We like to allow our songs free range to exist in whatever medium they see fit.

2013: Vast Arboreal Sky EP

Acoustic experimentation of three melodic black metal tracks from the first album, Canada 2010.

  1. Vastland (acoustic)
  2. She, Arboreal (acoustic)
  3. Black Sky (acoustic)

Guitar, bass, vocals, slight banjo. 

2013: Thrawsunbit EP

8-bit investigations of four tracks from the blackened folk metal album, Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings.

  1. Once Fireveined (8-bit)
  2. Bones in the Undertow (8-bit)
  3. Maritime Shores (8-bit)
  4. Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings (8-bit)

Square, triangle, and sawtooth waves.

2018: Fires in Mist EP

Instrumental acoustic versions of two songs from our folk/black album, Metachthonia.

  1. Fires That Light the Earth (Acoustic Instrumental)
  2. In Mist We Walk (Acoustic Instrumental)

Guitar, guitar, and guitar.