We have released our third EP, Fires in Mist, featuring acoustic instrumental versions of the songs Fires That Light the Earth and In Mist We Walk from our 2016 folk/black album, Metachthonia! Hitherto residing exclusively on bonus side D of the vinyl release of Metachthonia, today they are available digitally. Naming it was difficult; it is Fires in Mist on paper, but Extrachthonia in our hearts.

As a prelude to the upcoming acoustic full-length, we’re releasing the bonus tracks from the Metachthonia vinyl as a digital EP! The first section of Fires That Light the Earth, and the final section of In Mist We Walk. It’s sort of like a pair of acoustic, instrumental, Metachthonian bookends.

Thrawsunblat 4 (Thrawsun-quatre?) is entirely recorded. Currently receiving mixes from Siegfried Meier, two songs so far have— Agh! FFS. Just realized we entirely missed Trois-unblat.